“The Half British Mexicano” Photographer

The destination Wedding Photographer Sabel Carrillo-González “The Half British Mexicano” comes from the border with Mexico, where he says “I  am proud to be  Mexican.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding PhotographerDestination Wedding Photographer

Sabel after 15 years working as a photographer in England has returned to his native Mexico. Sabel is NOW based in in Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific. With a 20 year career in photography, Sabel has photographed weddings and events in more than 30 countries.

I have worked on everything from high-end corporate promos to international TV interviews and high profile corporate photography. Alongside my creative projects, I also taught hundreds of individuals over the years, through photography and post-production master classes at my studio in the United Kingdom.


Germany – Video Marketing
France – Video Marketing

Middle East
Dubai – Management Event
Jordan – X2
Tel Aviv – British Embassy Israel
Dubai – Executive Trip

North America
New York – Product Launch
Canada – Product Launch
Canada – Product – Soft Launch
Hawaii – GLS

Hong Kong – Digital Coin Ex
The Philippines – Product – Soft Launch
Indonesia – Global Leader Summit
Beijing – China

London – Digital Coin Ex
Germany – Global Leader Summit
Slovenia – Business Event
The Tower of London – Nick Clegg
London House of Commons – British Parliament
Oxford – Oxford University Magazine

South America
Brazil – DSA

New Zealand – Travel Magazine
Australia – Bridal Magazine

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