Puerto Vallarta Wedding Planners Reveal

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Planners Reveal: “The #1 Tip I Wish I’d Known Before My Wedding”

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Planners Reveal

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Puerto Vallarta Wedding Planners Reveal

Hours on Pinterest. Stacks of glossy bridal magazines. Tried-and-true advice from your BFFs. #WeddingDecor becoming your surrogate BFF on instagram. Let’s be real — there’s no shortage of places to look when it comes to getting inspiration for your nuptials. But who better to scoop up stellar info and insight than wedding planners themselves? Top wedding planners spill their favorite nuggets of wisdom they wish they knew for their own special day.

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Planners Reveal

1. Don’t go overboard on DIY projects.

“Try to limit the number of DIY projects you take on for your own wedding. While I certainly realize that doing things yourself can help to save costs, and every bride has good intentions when it comes to this, I also think we forget just how much work goes into them!”

“There is so much to do the weeks leading up to your wedding day, and the little projects simply become a burden. If you are a crafty person and truly want to add your own personal touch, by all means, you should. However, I would choose one or two thoughtful and impactful touches and leave the rest for others to take care of for you. Weigh out the options and costs to having someone else do your welcome bags or favors, and if it is reasonably priced, let them do it for you.”

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Planners Reveal

2. Remember your guest list when considering venues.

A simple reminder, but it’s very important to keep this in mind as you narrow down your venue selection process: “When looking at your guest list, make sure that your venue is the right fit for the number of people you are inviting.”

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Planners Reveal

3. Give family members a card to help organize photo-taking.

Make family photos less stressful with this smart tip: “For your family photos, create a ‘card’ for your [friends and] family members that you would like to have in your photos. There tends to be confusion about who you would like to have in your pictures, and if you are able to give them a small card (business card size) or token to let them know you would like them to stay around for pictures, it helps your photographer organize your family photos more quickly and lets your guests get to your cocktail reception sooner!”

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Planners Reveal

4. Consider hiring a videographer.

“The one thing that still bugs me today was thinking that video wasn’t ‘that important.’ If I could give brides one piece of advice, [it would be to] hire a great videographer. They’re going to capture emotions, funny moments, and record loved ones that may not be in your life one day.”

5. If you’re having a destination wedding, think local.

“It’s amazing to explore the local traditions and culture and incorporate it into the wedding events, such as local cuisine, florals, or décor when having a destination wedding,”

“It is really helpful when doing a destination wedding to have all your events in the same resort to keep track of guests, like your welcome party, rehearsal dinner, and wedding reception, this saves money on transportation and lots of craziness on the logistics of coordinating everyone arriving at the same time.”

Want to get off the property? See if the resort or hotel can work with you to arrange special group excursions to keep things organized and easy for guests.

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