Una vez firmado nuestro contrato de fotografía, bloqueamos tu fecha de boda para usted solo y no aceptamos otros eventos el mismo día. Por este motivo, el depósito no es reembolsable.

Deposito 20%

Gastos de cancelación de servicios de fotografía de bodas, se regresa:
Antelación 1-7 días, 100.00%
Antelación 8-14 días, 75.00%
Antelación 15-21 días, 50.00%
Antelación 22-28 días, 25.00%




¡Claro! Aunque creemos en compartir y nos gustaría publicar tus fotos de boda, si no estás de acuerdo con que siempre nos puede enviar un correo electrónico, o mensaje en Facebook y a eliminarlos sin preguntas.


Yes we do! We offer special discounts for weddings from Monday to Thursday, sometimes in late season we may offer you a discount too, just ask for it!


There are no travel expenses for weddings within Puerto Vallarta: Sayulita to Mismaloya, sometimes if the party ends late at night and it’s not really safe to return, I may need to charge for a hostel night near the wedding place, nothing too fancy, you’ve already paid enough for your wedding.

Yes we do! Our albums takes approximately 2 months to be completed. We carefully choose the best shoots, share our decision with you, and then do the design and printing. The albums are custom designed specially for you. All the albums have edge-to-edge printing, and open out flat to allow images to be spread right across two pages with no loss of the image in the centre crease.

All packages include: Unlimited images, edited in digital format.

We use 2 Canon 5D Mark 3, we like to invest in the best equipment possible. It allows us to work faster and have the best quality images.

Absolutely, in fact we believe in sharing, and we give you all your photos without watermarks, remember to tag us to receive feedback from your friends and relatives!

It usually takes 2-3 weeks for us to edit your photos, we carefully choose them and go one by one to edit all your photos, sometimes in peak season it can take us a little more. Remember that patience often leads to better results. All our packages are digital, we use an online service to give you your wedding photos, it has a password protection so all of them are safe, you can download your wedding photos with one single click from this gallery, it’s super easy.

Sólo requerimos 20% del paquete de boda para reservar su fecha, el resto puede ser pagado en el día de la boda o días antes si es mejor para usted. Somos muy flexibles con esto.